The Baltic Sea and its Amber
Baltic Cruise
Jun 17 - Jul 5 2006

Arrival in Frankfurt


Viking Museum

With the group


Setting sail

Gdansk, Poland

Vilnius, Lithuania

Riga, Latvia

To Sweden


To Finland


Tallin, Estonia

St. Petersburg
Eckehard Simon
Lecture I
The Origin of the
Baltic Sea and Its Amber
Part I (slides 1-13)
How the Baltic Sea was formed
Part II (slides 14-33)
Collecting, Harvesting, and Working
Baltic Amber
Lecture II
Amber in Science and Art
Part I (slides 1-20)
Amber in Science
Part II (slides 21-35)
Amber in Art
Lecture III
The Catherine Palace Amber
Room in “Czar’s Village” near
St. Petersburg
Part I (slides 1-20)
How and why the Prussian king had it built,
how the Czars acquired and enlarged it
Part II (slides 21-53)
How it was lost, the great search it sparked,
and how Russian artists restored it.

          . . .
Lectures on board